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Glucose syrup production equipment / glucose syrup production from starch

               When you are finding the corn glucose syrup processing machine, firstly, you need to know the corn syrup production process. Following will introduce the corn syrup production process and the production equipment from our company.

About the production of glucose syrup from starch, you need to prepare whole set of glucose syrup equipment, raw material(starch), and have to know the preparation way of starch glucose syrup production. AMM complete set of glucose syrup from starch equipment is an ideal choice, good reputation from our clients home and abroad. To the preparation way, now, the most widely used and newest is double enzyme way, that is glucoamylase and α-enzyme.

The main AMM industrial production of glucose equipment in preparation of glucose syrup from starch is mixing tank, underflow pump, jet cooker, high temperature maintenance tank, flash tank, centrifugal pump, saccharifying tank, bleaching tank, plate and frame filter press.

The glucose syrup production process is: starch mixing with water(first time add enzyme), liquefacation process, high temperature maintenance, flash cooling(second time add α-enzyme), saccharificance process(used glucoamylase), enzyme deactivation process, bleaching process, filter and evaporation.

factory glucose syrup production equipment features:

1. Dry method directly used raw grains to make pure and bright glucose syrup.

2. No polluted water, environmental protection.

3. Advanced and high quality jet cooker, improve the efficiency and quality of liquefication and saccharification process.

4. One set syrup equipment can product three syrup: glucose syrup, maltose syrup and fructose syrup.

5. We have different size syrup equipment, can meet all kinds of capacity requests. 3-5ton, 10-20ton, 30-50ton, 50-100ton per day, all is a complete production line.

AMM  also can make solutions and turn-key project for you. Perfect service for you to answer your question how to make glucose syrup.

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