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High fructose corn syrup production plant / high fructose syrup production line

High fructose corn syrup production plant / high fructose syrup production line

AMM has a professional starch syrup technical team, can provide customers with maltose syrup, fructose syrup, glucose syrup production technology and engineering design, has the first-class project management team, we can help you to establish your high fructose corn syrup production plant, can provide comprehensive solutions in the field of starch syrup production. High fructose corn syrup production process mainly consists by 8 parts: 1. starch mixing 2. liquefaction 3. deprotein 4. saccharification 5. decolorization 6. ion exchange 7. isomerism 8. evaporation


Following is the fructose syrup production line from AMM introduction:

1. Raw material check and feed:

The raw material(rice, corn or starch) requests starch content more than 80%, water content less than 14%, there is no mildew in the raw grain, send them to conveyor.

2. Temporary storage:

Let the raw grain or starch lift into the steel plate with the hoist for temporary storage.

3. Cleaning, desanding and powder milling:

Make the raw grain lift to cleaning sieve and desanding machine, remove the impurity, and ground into fine powder by AMM  grinding mill. Its particle size is less than 60 mesh.

4. F55 high fructose syrup production mixing and liquefaction process:

Mixing the rice flour,corn flour or starch with water, adjust the concentration to 18Be, PH value to 5.6-6.0. After the α-enzyme which is high temperature resistance adding, deliver to jet liquefier with steam heating up to 100-108℃ to be liquefied.

5. Protein filtration in fructose syrup plant:

The liquid hydrolysis qualified dextrin solution (DE value about 20) is sent to the plate frame filter for protein separation and filtration, the separated proteins were washed and dried and crushed, and then packed into the warehouse after inspection. This increase the add-value of high fructose corn syrup production machine.

6. Saccharification process of high fructose corn syrup production machine process:

Conveyor the liquid to saccharifying tank, adjust the temperature to 60℃, PH value about 4.2-4.8, add some saccharifying enzyme, keep 36-50 hours.

7. First decoloring:

DE value reached more than 97 of the saccharification liquid after heating to 75℃ enzyme treatment, adding activated carbon, adsorption processing 0.5 ~ 1 hour later, send into plate and frame filter press to removing carbon and decoloring, then the transmittance of the solutions should more than 75%.

8. Ion exchange in high fructose syrup production line:

When the solutions is cooled to about 40~45℃, it is sent to the ion exchange column for ion exchange treatment. The conductivity of the solutions is less than 20ppm.

9. pre-evaporation of high fructose corn syrup production machine:

Preconcentration of the syrup solutions after ion exchange to 45Bx.

10. Isomerism in fructose production line:

Add magnesium sulfate and sodium pyrosulfite to 45Bx syrup solution, after the PH value adjust to 7.5-8.0, send to isomerism column, Adjust the feed flow of the heterogeneous column, so that the content of the export fructose is about 42~44.

11. Second decoloring for high fructose corn syrup production machine:

Add activated carbon to material when its after isomerism, after adsorption treatment for 0.5~1 hour, the filter was sent to remove carbon and decolorization, and the transmittance of the solution was reached to 95%.

12. Second ion exchange:

Cooling the solution to 30-35℃, then deliver to ion exchange system, this time the conductivity of the solutions is more than 95%.

13: F42 high fructose syrup evaporation in high fructose corn syrup production plant:

The solution is concentrated to 71Bx after the second separation, which is the finished product fructose syrup. In addition, the part is condensed to 60Bx and sent to chromatographic separation.

14. Chromatographic separation:

The fructose syrup is separated by the separation tower, glucose and fructose are separated, the glucose is sent back to pre-evaporation, and the fructose is sent to the next step after being mixed with the 42 fructose syrup from the secondary separation to 55.

15. Mixed bed process of making fructose syrup:

Mixed the F55 fructose syrup into the mixing bed, the transmittance of the solution is more than 97%, and the conductivity is less than 15ppm.

16. Evaporation process:

The F55 fructose corn syrup after the mixed bed is condensed to 77.5Bx, which is the finished product of F55 fructose syrup.

17. Storage and filling:

The F42 and F55 high fructose syrup is sent to the finished tank for storage, and when necessary, it is pumped into the filling tank and loaded into the packaging container.

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