Corn glucose syrup processing machine

Processing Capacity : 10-300tons/24 hours
Application Scope : corn transformed into glucose syrup
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We use the newest technology in glucose syrup production line of corn syrup production technolog to make corn glucose syrup.

Maize/corn as raw material,no need convert starch firslty, Just make corn into corn flour, and then use corn flour to convert corn syrup. We have built several projects in China and all over the world.

Corn syrup process.jpg

Corn syrup process

Corn glucose syrup production line- corn flour to produce glucose syrup

1.Continuous spray liquefaction section

(1).Mixing slurry: Add thermostable amylase and water to flour, and mix them in mixing slurry tank

(2).Spray liquefaction: Heating all tanks by steam, then start Liquid ejectors and pumps. Delivery material continuously and evenly, and control flow by production capacity.

Flash evaporate material in Laminar flow tank, and keep temperature. Observe liquefaction effect.

(3).High temperature treatment: Send passed material to the second Liquid ejector, and keep temperature.

(4).Carry slurry to buffer tank by pump in glucose syrup production line.

2.Filtration section:

(1).Filter protein and slag by Plate-and-frame filter press machine.

(2).Carry away protein and slag by Bottom slot for plate-and-frame filter press machine.

(3).Syrup inflow buffer tanks, then be sent to next step by pump in glucose syrup production line.

Corn glucose syrup production-ion exchange machine.jpg

Corn glucose syrup production-ion exchange machine

7.Evaporation section in corn glucose syrup production line

Evaporate syrup by triple-concentrate of evaporator and Single-concentrate of evaporator. When syrup concentration is OK, shut down steam and stop evaporation. And carry syrup  to Final-product storage tanks by Pumps.

8.Final corn glucose syrup storage

Welcome to contact us,if you have any questions of corn glucose syrup production line, and our engineers will give you a feasibility program according to your demand.

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