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Kaifeng sida takes you to high fructose corn syrup

Sida glucose syrup equipment features: no sewage discharge, using the dry method of corn and crushed rice to extract corn germ, corn husk by grinding, hydrolysis of double enzyme into glucose syrup, malt syrup, hydrolysis of three enzymes into glucose syrup "artificial honey".

Sida glucose syrup processing production line equipment transaction features: no sewage discharge, using corn, crushed rice dry method of corn crushed rice by grinding extraction of corn germ, corn husk, hydrolysis by double enzymes into glucose syrup, malt syrup, hydrolysis by three enzymes into grapes sugar

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a nutritional sweetener made from corn.It is widely used in carbonated drinks, juice drinks and sports drinks as well as snacks, syrups, jellies and other sugary products.

The basic process of high fructose corn syrup production is as follows: dextrin can be formed from starch slurry catalyzed by -amylase;Dextrin is catalyzed by glycosylase to form glucose.Under the catalysis of glucose isomerase, the molecular structure of glucose changes, which is called glucose isomerization.Glucose is isomerized to form fructose.However, not all glucose is isomerized into fructose.This is because the glucose isomerase catalyzing efficiency peak (temperature is 60 ~ 70 ℃), the ratio of glucose into fructose and only 53.5% ~ 56.5%, and to attain balance and the catalytic reaction takes a long time.

High fructose syrup is made from glucose, which is converted from starch.And this series of conversion are required to complete the equipment, starch needs starch processing equipment, glucose also needs to use corn into glucose and other equipment to complete.It doesn't matter, whether you want the equipment of that product, we kaifeng sida can satisfy you.

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