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How to find the right glucose equipment manufacturers

       Many customers are through baidu, mobile phone search glucose, glucose equipment, glucose equipment manufacturers and other product information, how to find the right glucose equipment manufacturers?Kaifeng sida glucose equipment manufacturers to help you answer.

First of all, we should own how much glucose equipment, according to their own production capacity to customize their own machines, is open shop or wholesale, or open factory with their own detailed demand input in the search bar, to search, so as to accurately find the specific information of the manufacturers.

Secondly, we should look at the material of the manufacturer of the production equipment to see if it is stainless steel. Generally speaking, the price of stainless steel material is relatively high. If you want the glucose equipment with ordinary material, the glucose produced may be relatively low in quality.Therefore, material is very important for glucose processing.

In addition, we look at the market reputation, search to see the evaluation of others in the market is not good, can also choose some of the same manufacturers for comparison.See which one is better, making a choice.

Finally, look at the equipment site of the manufacturer, the factory that produces this kind of machinery product commonly won't small, we regard as according to on-the-spot investigation produce equipment to accord with our requirement.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the above points when we choose the appropriate glucose production equipment manufacturers, and our kaifeng sida is equipped with the above points, you are welcome to visit, we are ready to receive you.

3. Production process of preserved fruit syrup

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a kind of important sweetener, which is made by hydrolysis and isomerization of plant starch.Preserved fruit syrup in our lives or more widely used in the production of preserved fruit syrup have to go through the several processes?Kaifeng sida syrup equipment co., LTD will help you sort it out.

First of all, before we process the syrup of preserved fruit we should prepare the sweet potato starch that we have prepared, either corn starch or sweet potato starch. Today we will take sweet potato starch as an example.

(1) mixing: in the powder bucket first add part of water, in the case of mixing sweet potato starch, feed finished, continue to add water to make starch milk to the specified concentration (40%), and then add hydrochloric acid to adjust to the ph value of 1.8.

(2) saccharification: good starch milk, acid resistant pump water saccharification tank;After feeding, open the steam valve and raise the pressure to about 2.8kg/cm2. Keep the pressure for 3-5 minutes.Sampling;The glycation endpoint was examined with 20% iodine solution.In case of iodine, the saccharifying liquid will be red in color.

(3) and saccharification liquid into the neutralization and barrels, began to stir to join quantitative waste carbon filter aid, and adding 10% sodium carbonate solution gradually, when ph 4.6 4.8, open the discharge valve, the pump will be liquid sugar for wide filter to filter out the pure sugar solution and then cooled to 60 ℃, liquid cooled sugar decolorization.

(4) decolorization: clear sugar solution into the decolorization bucket, add quantitative activated carbon with add with mix, decolorization mixing time shall not be less than 5 minutes, and then sent to the filter, filter clear liquid is placed in the storage bucket for later use.

(5) resin exchange: the first decolorization filter sent to the ion exchange filter bed for desalination and purification and decolorization.After the sugar solution passed through the four resin filter beds of yang-yin-yang-yin, the ph value was adjusted to 3.8-4.2 in the sugar storage bucket.

6 evaporation: resin exchange, accurately adjust the ph value of the sugar liquid, using the pump to the evaporation tank, maintain the vacuum degree in 500 mm mercury column above.Heating steam pressure shall not exceed 1 kg/cm2, when the sugar concentration of about 42%-50%, can be discharged.

All landowners isomerization: solid-phase isomerase loading in the thermal reaction column erected, control the reaction temperature 65 ℃, refined sugar liquid by the pillars of incoming material, through the enzyme column, carries on the isomerization reaction, again from the bottom of the column discharge, continuous operation, can also be used by the column bottom feed, after enzyme column, out of the pillars.As the enzyme activity at the optimal ph value can give full play to the catalytic effect, the reaction speed is fast, the time is short, the degree of side reaction of sugar decomposition is low, the resulting isomeric sugar solution is light in color and easy to be refined, so the ph value of the sugar solution during isomerization should be determined by the type of isomerase used.

8) second decolorization: after the isomerization reaction, the obtained sugar contains color substances, and during storage can produce color and ash and other impurities, so, need second decolorization.The sugar solution is sent to the decolorization bucket, and the quantitative fresh activated carbon is added. The operation is the same as the first decolorization.

9) secondary resin exchange: resin exchange was used for the sugar solution after secondary decolorization with the same method as before.The final outflow of sugar solution has a high ph value, which can be adjusted to 4.0-4.5 by hydrochloric acid.Attending evaporation concentration;The refined sugar solution is concentrated in a vacuum evaporator to the required concentration to obtain HFCS.Because glucose is easy to crystallize, in order to prevent the syrup during storage crystallization precipitation, can not let the sugar liquid evaporation to too high concentration, generally required between 70% and 75%(dry matter concentration).

The above is the basic process of making preserved fruit syrup. I hope it can help you.

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