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Application of glucose syrup

Glucose syrup is a kind of starch syrup produced by the action of enzyme or acid with starch as raw material.Also called liquid glucose, glucose syrup.Glucose syrup is used in the market is very much, dessert is the most need glucose a product, specific glucose syrup are used in what aspects?Kaifeng sida starch equipment to help you answer.


Liquid glucose has moderate sweetness, good crystallization resistance, oxidation resistance, moderate viscosity, good chemical stability, widely used in the candy industry.

Liquid glucose has a high viscosity, which can be used in canned fruits, fruit juice drinks and edible syrups to improve the consistency and taste of the products.

Liquid glucose has high hygroscopicity and can be used in soft candies, breads and pastries to maintain the softness of products, improve the taste of products and extend the shelf life.

Iv. Liquid glucose has the advantages of anti-crystallization and low freezing point, which can improve the taste and quality of cold drinks.

5. Due to the high osmotic pressure of liquid glucose and high sweetness, it is used as a sweetener in candied fruit, candied fruit, jam, canned fruit juice and cream food with the advantages of long shelf life and unchangeable taste.

Six, the application of liquid glucose in baking food: liquid glucose have good reducibility, low in neutral and alkaline chemical stability, heat to generate non-ferrous material, also easy to coking reaction and protein nitrogen material to produce tan caramel, with unique flavor, because of the fermentable sugar is higher, is advantageous to the food fermentation in the baking industry.Liquid glucose has higher moisture absorption and higher moisture, can make baked goods to maintain constant moisture, soft and delicious.

7. Liquid glucose has similar functions and USES to high-malt syrup in the application process, and can be prepared according to customers' requirements (the maltose content of liquid glucose is about 10%-30% lower).

The above are some common applications of glucose in our products. Comparatively speaking, glucose is widely used.However, we still need some equipment to process glucose. Without the processing equipment, we cannot produce glucose manually. The kaifeng sida glucose equipment is exactly what you need to choose.

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