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Corn syrup process flow

Corn syrup process flow

Corn syrup is the use of high-quality corn starch, through a variety of enzymatic hydrolysis and produced to maltose based syrup, corn syrup in the process of operation or a certain process, as to what?Kaifeng sida agricultural products equipment company to help you analyze.

Ingredients: malt 35%, rice 35%, syrup 30%.

2. Operating points of saccharification process

(1) glycosylated feeding temperature of 37 ℃ and 0.1% neutral protein enzyme insulation (30 minutes) (2) the big evaporation time 80 minutes, boiling intensity > 12%.(3) add syrup 20 minutes before boiling to increase wort concentration.(4) add wort clarifier and yeast nutrient 15 minutes before boiling.(5) the amount of hop added was 0.35‰, of which 70% was added when boiling for 30 minutes and 30% was added 10 minutes before boiling.(6) set wort ph 5.4-5.6.

3. Fermentation process

(1) wort cooling temperature is 7.0 ~ 7.5 ℃.(2) the addition amount of yeast was 0.8%, and the number of yeast cells in the jar was 18-20x106 /ml, within the 4th generation of algebra.(3) 9-9.5 ℃ fermentation temperature.(4) the diacetyl reduction temperature 1 l - 11.5 ℃.(5) closing your hydrometer 3.8 4.0 ° P.(6) wine storage temperature is 0.5 ℃ ~ 1 ℃.(7) tank pressure control: the sealing pressure is 0.1-0.12mpa, and the wine storage pressure is 0.06-0.08mpa.

4. Dilution, filtration and filling

Fermented liquid by high concentration dilution from 12 ° P after dilution to 9 ° P by filtering, filling in finished products.

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