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AMM syrup set equipment

Complete set of syrup equipment China invention patent product, invention patent number ZL .2014 10807635.2.

Four syrup complete set equipment features: no sewage discharge, corn rice crushed rice by grinding powder to extract corn germ, corn skin, converted by double enzyme hydrolysis into grape syrup, maltose syrup, through the hydrolysis of trienzyme transformation results of grape syrup "artificial honey."

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For example, corn can obtain 8-10 % of corn embryos during the process of extracting bad buds by dry method and is sold to an oil press for 3,600 yuan per ton. Extracted 2-3 % of the corn peel is sold directly to the feed factory, at 1,400 yuan per ton, because the corn peel contains a small amount of protein, and what China wants is to get 3-4 kinds of products in the process of processing corn rice flour and sell them on the market. Large, medium and small corn grits are common food at the table. So we use the remaining grits, which are polished during the corn processing process, which is the foot material, to convert it into various syrups. After the syrup is injected and liquefied, it is filtered, and the cornmeal, which is protein powder, is filtered into a cake. The corn powder contains 41 % of protein and has a 15 % yield. The above three by-products, germ, corn skin, and protein powder, can earn about 400 yuan per ton before selling syrup.

For example, there is not so much broken rice. Only 15 % of protein powder can be obtained, and a profit of 200 yuan per ton of by-product is sold.

Core Technology: Dry method is directly converted into a variety of pure white and transparent syrup that meets the National standards through double enzymes and three enzymes. One set of equipment can produce three products: fruit glucose syrup, grape syrup, and maltose syrup. Dry direct conversion without sewage discharge, can get a variety of protein-containing by-products, so that manufacturers profit greatly.

The equipment for making syrup can be as large as 3-5 tons, 10-20 tons, 30-50 tons, and 50-100 tons are all a dragon production line.

The company is responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and training of technical personnel, and more than 50 tons of factories. The company can invest in technology and leave engineers to guide production.

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