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syrup production process

Fruit syrup, also known as High Fructus Syrup or isomerism syrup, is the isomerization of glucose isomerase through the isomerization of glucose isomerase obtained by enzymatic saccharification of starch, and some of the glucose isomerization forms fructose. A mixed sugar syrup consisting of glucose and fructose, so it is called fructose syrup. F55 fructose syrup is a newly developed natural sweetener with strong market demand. Therefore, the quality control of each node in the F55 fruit and glucose syrup production process is the research direction of each equipment manufacturer.


Starch is the main raw material for the production of fructose syrup. The production process of fructose syrup includes steps such as liquefaction, saccharification, and isomerization of starch. Starch is considered to be the most significant breakthrough in modern sugar industry technology in the production of glucose reisomerization into fructose by enzymatic method and the production of glucose syrup.

The transparent color of fruit syrup, the concentration of insoluble particles, and the total number of colonies are all important indicators of control in the inspection of finished products. The use of suitable syrup filters has played a crucial role in this production process.


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Glucose syrup also known as confectioner's glucose, is a syrup made from the hydrolysis of starch. Glucose also is called starch sugar. Maize...

Annual capacity 50,000tons gluc
Annual capacity 50,000tons gluc

Annual capacity 50,000tons glucose syrup production plant, this capacity project our company totally installed three. Recently, we complete the third that is the newest glucose syrup production plant project

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Daily production of 100 tons ma
Daily production of 100 tons ma

This corn syrup production plant project all equipments design, manufacturer and delivery made by SIDA Company, with corn processing annual capacity 10 million tons, the corn syrup production capacity 8 million tons. Manufactured for our Nig

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