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High yield production line potato starch making machine

High yield production line potato starch making machine

High yield production line potato starch making machine adopts Euro technology of full-hydro cyclone process for producing the high quality starch. The entire process is mature technology, advanced equipment, scientific, rational process.


For our starch processing machines, all the productive process is fully mechanized. It just need 30 minutes from feeding to final production. In the dregs, there is no starch granules. We have reached the first standard of the field to dry starch with low temperature and low altitude.

Cleaning Section

High yield production line potato starch making machine

In this section, the raw materials will be transferred by screw conveyor from feeding hopper to roller cleaning cage. And loose dirt, sand and gravel are removed in cleaning and washing section. During the screw conveyor, the fresh potatoes will be washing 3 or 4 times for getting the cleaned potatoes.

By screw conveyor, all the potatoes materials are sent to the destoner machine to begin the second time cleaning. In this machine, the present stones and other heavy particles will be separated.

Crushing Section

 High yield production line potato starch making machine

In the crushing section, there are two kinds of machine, one is knife type crusher, another one is hammer crusher.

The cleaned potatoes are transferred into the knife type crusher to cut the roots into Small pieces, and fall into the hammer crusher. The hammer crusher disintegrates the potatoes pieces into starch slurry with a suspension of free starch granules, fibers, bounded starch and fruit containing soluble such protein, sugars, and minerals.

Extracting Section

High yield production line potato starch making machine

The materials out of the hammer will go the centrifuge sieve to separate starch granules and dregs.

We adopt the technology of three-level back-flush to extract starch. Three vertical centrifuge sieves are put by vertical direction, so the slurry can flow down automatically, and there is no need to add more pumps to connect. That’s to say, they can save more water consumption, power and cost.

After vertical centrifugal sieve, the starch milk will go to fine sieve. This machine will make starch milk more finer.

Purify and De-watering Section

High yield production line potato starch making machine

Out of the centrifuge sieve, all the materials will go into de-sander machine to remove sand.

Then the materials go into hydrocyclone machine to start concentration, purification and separation. Our machines adopt the world latest combination structure ensure more stable system working, and there are 18pcs hydrocyclones, the coarse starch milk will be purified 18times, finally the white starch milk will flow out from one side, and yellow slurry will flow out from another side.

Using vacuum dehydrator machine to remove water from the white starch milk, after this machine, the rate of water is 37-38%.

Drying and Packing Section

High yield production line potato starch making machine

From the vacuum dehydrator machine, the wet starch will go into air crash flash dryer machine. Under the wind force producing by the wind machine, the wet starch and hot air will mix in the two drying tubes, and divided into two suspending status, then go ahead in parallel at high speed. Finally the two tubes become one, and the materials crash and create more heat, so the wet starch will be dried immediately to reach flash dry. The temperature of starch is very low, it’s about 40℃, after sieving, they can be packed directly.

Electrical control and management

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