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Fructose Syrup Production Line

1. Production capacity: 30 tons/day of 75% glucose syrup.

2. Product: 75% dry meter content of glucose syrup

3. Machine list


4.1Preparation for starch milk:

Refined starch from plant starch was dissolved into the water tank to be adjusted to 19~20Be, then adding Na2CO3 to adjust the PH to 5.4~6.0, and adding α-amylase  to be ready for liquefaction.

4.2. Liquefaction:

Put the starch milk prepared to the 1st injector and inject steam directly to the starch milk. Make the temperature rise to 110ºC quickly. After entering the 1st flash evaporator, lower the temperature to 98ºC and keep it for a certain time. The material, after initial hydrolysis, is with a lower viscidity.

The material is then put into the 2nd injector by the pump, its temperature reaching 135ºC quickly, then it gets to the 2nd flash evaporator. The temperature in the 2nd flash evaporator declines to 95ºC. The DE volume of the material would be between 15 and 20 after its staying in the tubular reactor for 90-120 minutes.

4.3. Saccharification:

Put hydrochloric acid into the material after liquefaction and make the PH volume to 4.0-4.5, while lowering the temperature from 90ºC to 60ºC. Add fungal enzymes and glucoamylase into it and keep stirring at that temperature. DE value will be ≥95 after the saccharification period will take 50 to 60hours.

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