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Application of starch syrup substitute white sugar and high fructose manufacturing process

Application of starch syrup substitute white sugar

     In recent years, the price of sugar has been rising all the way, and the high price has caused the terminal industry to continue to be under pressure. In order to spread the cost pressure, enterprises can only look for low-priced starch syrup to substitute white sugar. Starch syrup uses starch-containing food, potato, etc. as raw materials, sugars obtained by acid method, acid enzymatic method or enzymatic method, although the sweetness of starch syrup is slightly lower than that of white sugar, but in most fields there is no problem with substitution, so in the case that the price of white sugar has been rising, the replacement amount of starch syrup it also rose.

In which fields does starch syrup substitute white sugar? Before we talk about alternative fields, we need to understand the four main products of starch sugar: crystalline glucose, maltose syrup, fructose syrup and maltodextrin. Although they are the same as starch sugar, the main application fields of these four products are different. The substitution effect on white sugar is also different.

starch syrup preparation machine

Starch syrup and white sugar

First of all, crystalline glucose. Crystalline glucose is present in powder form, which has a long storage time, more buildings and exports, lower sweetness.

Maltose syrup is a liquid sugar, divided into 75% maltose syrup and 80% maltose syrup. It is mainly used in candy, pastries and beer. Nowadays, maltose syrup substitute white sugar mainly in candy and cake, in some low-end candy production. In the case of maltose syrup substitution, it is almost 100%. In the pastry, maltose syrup and white sugar are also commonly used.

Fructose syrup is a completely replaceable sugar product and is widely used in the food and beverage industry like sucrose. However, fructose syrup is in liquid form, has certain storage requirements, and is easily deteriorated under high temperature conditions, so fructose syrup is limited in some alternative fields, but in the unrestricted beverage industry, the amount of substitution is gradually increasing, especially the cool sweetness of fructose syrup has been accepted and loved by the public.

starch syrup production equipments

Starch syrup production equipments

Finally, maltodextrin, powdered, like crystalline glucose, has a longer storage time, but has a lower sweetness. It can replace white sugar in some low-sweet pastry and condiment industries, but the overall industry is less used, and the amount of substitution is small. It is not obvious. From the above we can see that different products of starch sugar have different substitutions fields for white sugar, so we should distinguish the application of starch syrup instead of white sugar. The main raw material for starch sugar is corn. Nowadays, various kinds of potato (potato, sweet potato, cassava) or rice are used as raw materials to produce starch syrup.

On the other hand, from the view of starch syrup production, hydrolytic enzymes technology widely applied in starch syrup production, its huge promoted the starch production develop, advanced technology and newest starch syrup equipment keep the quality and taste of starch syrup, also guarantee the yield of starch syrup from raw materials. We can say in the following ten years, there will be a boom and good development of starch syrup. Starch syrup substitute sugar will be more widely used in industries production.

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