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Angolan customers come to our company to inspect syrup equipment



    Kaifeng sida agricultural products equipment co., LTD., founded in April 1994, formerly known as kaifeng sida agricultural products deep processing complete set equipment factory, was renamed as kaifeng sida agricultural products equipment co., LTD. In 2004, it is a professional enterprise researching, developing and producing complete sets of agricultural products deep processing equipment.Existing leading products: potato starch complete sets of equipment;Complete equipment for wheat starch;Complete equipment for corn starch;Caramel, malt sugar, glucose, high fructose syrup stainless steel equipment;Complete equipment for drying Chinese medicinal materials and flowers;Crystal fans machine and other more than 20 products.Airflow collision eddy current type flash dryer up to the advanced level, drum vacuum filter and cyclone unit technology content reached the domestic level.The core technology project, the direct processing and transformation of malt syrup and glucose syrup from crushed rice and corn raw grains, can make the interests of enterprises larger.The company has 16 patents, 6 of which are invention patents.It has been awarded as "high-tech enterprise of henan province", "high-tech enterprise of henan province", "top 100 enterprises of technological innovation of henan province", and its products have been awarded as "high-tech products of henan province".Kaifeng is a "contract and trustworthy enterprise", "patent engineering demonstration enterprise".



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