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100% pure glucose syrup production line

100% pure glucose syrup production line

all equipment use 304 stainless steel all process will be use steam so no bacterium, high effect low waste!

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Plate-and-frame filter press machine Usefulness: Plate-and-frame filter press machine is used for dehydrating starch and syrup. The liquid with active carbon from Decolorization Tank to Plate-and-frame filter press machine for filter. Impurity, protein and active carbon are filtered. It need filter 2-3 times. From Decolorization into Plate-and-frame filter press to filter. Add an amount of diatomite to help filter before filter, making syrup filter smoothly. Syrup is white colour after one time decolorization. It also has many ions in sugar liquid, so put them into resin exchange of anionic and cationic to deal with them.   Based groove of filter press & Chute of the filter & Transfer tank  Usefulness: Based groove of filter press is used for collecting and conveying syrup to next step.       100% pure glucose syrup production line

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Glucose syrup also known as confectioner's glucose, is a syrup made from the hydrolysis of starch. Glucose also is called starch sugar. Maize...

Annual capacity 50,000tons gluc
Annual capacity 50,000tons gluc

Annual capacity 50,000tons glucose syrup production plant, this capacity project our company totally installed three. Recently, we complete the third that is the newest glucose syrup production plant project

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Daily production of 100 tons ma
Daily production of 100 tons ma

This corn syrup production plant project all equipments design, manufacturer and delivery made by SIDA Company, with corn processing annual capacity 10 million tons, the corn syrup production capacity 8 million tons. Manufactured for our Nig

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