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Corn syrup production equipment maize syrup

Mixing Slurry, Injector Liquefaction, Filter Press Deproteinization and Saccharification process is the first part of corn syrup production steps, which complete the process of starch hydrolysis and get required DE syrup.

Decolorization, Filter Press Decarburization and Ion Exchange steps is the second part of corn syrup production steps. In the first part, we get required DE value of crude sugar solution which still contains certain organic and inorganic impurities. The second part is to remove and eliminate impurities and get pure corn syrup.

Evaporation process is the last part of corn syrup production steps to converting corn starch into corn syrup. In the second part, we get pure corn syrup with required DE value. The last part is to remove excessive water and get certain density corn syrup, which we usually call DS value.

kaifeng sida  corn syrup processing equipment can use two kind raw material (corn / broken rice) to produce the corn glucose syrup directly . The customer can choose the more cheaper raw material at different time to produce glucose syrup and get more profit from the corn glucose syrup processing plant.

The double-enzyme method is the most advanced method which for corn syrup production process is first mix corn starch with water making slurry (like produce liquid glucose from starch), jet cooking slurry for liquefaction (liquefaction enzyme), separate protein and other solid impurity , saccharification (saccharification enzyme), decolorization , Ion exchange and evaporation to get required density high quality clear corn glucose syrup.

As far as we know that the raw material for making syrup is starch. Any crops containing starch, such as corn, rice ,cassava, potato, etc., can be used for production of glucose syrup from starch. It can produce glucose syrup from corn starch guarantee high quality. It will save much cost and consumption during the whole corn syrup production process.

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