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Single effect concentrated evaporator

Single effect evaporator overview:

Evaporation concentration is the most widely used concentration method in syrup and food factories.The evaporative concentration equipment is used to heat the material, so that the volatile part of the water and other media in the boiling point temperature of the material constantly from liquid to gas, change the secondary steam generated by the vaporization is constantly excluded, so that the concentration of the products continuously increased, until the concentration requirements.


The evaporator consists of an evaporator (with a heating interface and an evaporating surface), a condenser and an air pump.Owing to the nature of the various solutions, the requirements of the evaporation conditions vary widely, evaporation and concentration equipment in the form of so many, according to the different classification: 1, atmospheric evaporative enrichment equipment, 2, vacuum evaporation and concentration equipment membrane evaporation concentrator, 3, 4, falling film evaporation and concentration equipment 5, thin-film evaporation concentrator, 6, the central circulation tube evaporative enrichment equipment, 7 evaporation and concentration equipment and so on, the coil type!

The single-effect equipment is composed of vertical tube heater, evaporator, condenser and pipeline valve, etc. The vacuum system can be combined with other equipment to use hydraulic injector or vacuum pump, the main technical parameters are as follows:

Evaporation (Kg/h) -- 150/300/500/1000

Heating steam pressure (MPa) -- 0.05~0.09

Steam consumption (Kg/h) -- ~1000

Water consumption (t/h) -- ~15t(can be recycled after cooling)

Single effect evaporator classification: single effect falling film evaporator, single effect forced circulation evaporator, film evaporator, single effect external circulation evaporator, etc.

Single effect evaporator application

Single-effect concentrated evaporator is suitable for the concentration of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, starch sugar, food, dairy products and other materials and the recovery of industrial organic solvents (such as alcohol), suitable for small batch, variety of heat-sensitive materials low-temperature vacuum evaporation.

Features of single effect evaporator

1. Alcohol recovery: the recovery capacity is large and vacuum concentration process is adopted.Compared with similar old type equipment, it can increase productivity by 5-10 times, reduce energy consumption by 30%, and has the characteristics of small investment and high recovery efficiency.

2, concentrate: single effect concentrator adopts the outside heating natural cycle and vacuum negative pressure evaporation, a combination of fast evaporation and concentration ratio can reach 1.3, the liquid in a state of full seal without the foam concentration, with a single effect concentrator concentrated liquid, with no pollution, the characteristics of the ingredients in thick, and convenient cleaning (open heater cover can be cleaned up and down).Single effect concentrator is simple to operate and occupies a small area.The heater and evaporator are made of stainless steel heat preservation structure. The outer shell of the insulation layer is made of stainless steel sheet, and the surface is treated with mirror or matt.

Three-effect concentrated evaporator

Three effect evaporator overview

Three - effect evaporator is a double - effect evaporator in series on a single - effect evaporator.

This device is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving vacuum evaporation and concentration equipment, and its features are:

1. Multiple utilization of primary steam and effective insulation of superheated self-evaporator of condensed water can greatly reduce the consumption of heated steam to less than 0.4kg for evaporation of 1Kg water.

2. The evaporator and condensate reservoir adopt overlapping structure, and the whole set of equipment occupies a small compact area.

3, the use of external heating or natural circulation based advection evaporation process, cycle degree, high evaporation speed, heating time is short, not easy to coking, easy to clean.

4. Using vacuum evaporation operation, not only the evaporation capacity is large, but also the material can be vaporized at a lower temperature to meet the concentration requirements of heat-sensitive materials.

5, the use of new air separation device, no running phenomenon, high yield.In a word, this device is a new type of concentrated equipment with high efficiency and energy saving.

6. Energy saving benefits: according to sjn-1000 model, the annual saving is about 54,000 tons of steam, 14 tons of water and 130,000 KWH of electricity, which is equivalent to 200,000 to 250,000 yuan (compared with single effect).

7. Three-effect concentrated evaporator adopts the negative pressure external heating natural circulation type evaporation method, with fast evaporation speed and large concentration ratio, up to 1.25-1.4 (traditional Chinese medicine extract).

8. Three-effect concentrated evaporator adopts two-effect simultaneous evaporation, and the secondary steam is used. The total energy consumption is reduced by 67% compared with the single-effect concentrator, and the annual energy saving cost can recover all the investment of the concentrator.

9. Multi-function operation features :(1) recyclable alcohol concentration 80%;(2) single effect, double effect and triple effect can be repeated and pot cream;(3) can intermittent, continuous feed.

10. The contact part between the three-effect concentrated evaporator and the material is made of stainless steel, meeting the requirements of GMP standards.Beautiful appearance.The heater and evaporator are equipped with an insulation layer outside, the outer insulation layer is made of stainless steel sheet outer shell, the surface is made of mirror or matt treatment.

Multiple effect concentrated evaporator

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