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Glucose syrup production line equipment

Glucose syrup processing complete set of equipment features: no sewage discharge, using the dry method of corn and crushed rice to extract corn germ, corn husk by grinding, hydrolysis of double enzyme into glucose syrup, malt syrup, hydrolysis of three enzymes into glucose syrup "artificial honey".

Core technology: dry direct conversion of pure white and transparent syrup in line with national standards through double and triple enzymes, one set of equipment can produce three products: fructose syrup, glucose syrup, malt syrup.Dry direct conversion without sewage discharge, can get a variety of protein by-products, maximize the profits of the manufacturers.

The equipment for making syrup can be large or small, with 3-5 tons, 10-20 tons, 30-50 tons and 50-100 tons respectively.

The syrup processed from starch is called starch syrup. It is a colorless, transparent and viscous liquid after starch hydrolysis and decolorization. It is sweet and soft and easy to be directly absorbed by human body.Sugar is the main raw material for syrup production in traditional industry, but the source of raw material is limited.The improvement of starch syrup production technology provides more options for the use of sugar in food industry.The raw material for the production of starch syrup is starch. Any starch containing crops, such as corn, rice, cassava and potatoes, can be used to produce syrup.

The following is the main process and equipment for the production of syrup with starch as raw material:

1. Mixing: add appropriate water and starch into the mixing tank, add a certain amount of enzyme preparation, maintain a certain temperature, and wait for the physical reaction of materials.The use of enzymes here is specific. Glycosylases and fungal enzymes are used to produce glucose and maltose.

2. Jet liquefaction: the material is injected into the jet liquefaction tank after a specific reaction time. Under the action of the enzyme preparation, the starch is transformed into sugar solution through high temperature jet.

3. Saccharification: after the injection of liquefied sugar liquid into the saccharification tank, add specific saccharification enzyme, maintain a specific temperature and time, saccharification reaction, until glucose reached the required DE value.

4. Decolorization: in the decolorization tank, a certain amount of activated carbon is added to maintain a specific temperature to start the decolorization reaction, which generally requires two decolorization to make glucose transparent.

5. Decarburization: glucose solution mixed with activated carbon is extruded by the plate and frame filter press to obtain colorless transparent glucose syrup.

6. Ion exchange: pure glucose enters the ion exchange column, and resin is used to adsorb other ions and impurities contained in the sugar solution to obtain edible glucose syrup.

7. Evaporation: after glucose syrup enters the three-effect evaporator, excess water will be immediately expelled to increase the concentration of glucose syrup;If a higher concentration is required, a single effect evaporator is required to control the concentration.

8. Storage of finished products: storage of finished molasses, keeping molasses concentration, facilitating production and transportation.

Starch syrup is widely used in food and beverage. Sugar is also an indispensable source of energy for human beings.Starch syrup rich in raw materials, market prospects, mature production technology, welcome to call the message.

Kaifeng sida agricultural products equipment co., ltd. is responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and training of technical personnel.

Sida glucose syrup equipment is a Chinese invention patent product. The invention patent number is ZL.201410807635.2.

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