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Corn glucose syrup production process

Kaifeng sida is specialized in the production of corn syrup production line equipment manufacturers, the following kaifeng sida introduced corn syrup production process.

Process flow of corn raw grain processing glucose syrup corn SO2 solution calcium hydroxide amylase liquid residue to caramel preparation;Crushing soaking grinding mixing pulp liquefaction filtration filtrate;Skins, embryo;Ion exchange neutralization decolorization saccharification sizing hydrochloric acid;Glucose syrup activated carbon

Corn raw grain processing grape syrup process quality standard (1) : grape syrup solids 91.44%, reducing sugar 42.03%, boil sugar temperature 165 ℃, the transparency < 3, 0.17% protein, colour and lustre (N Feetr thick liquid color me) at 0.5 0.8, ash 0.09%, pH 5.8, lead (Pb) is not detected, copper (Cu) 1.3 parts per million (PPM), arsenic (As) 0.3 PPM.2. Caramel: solid 82.67%, reducing sugar 31.71%, total acid (calculated by acetic acid) 0.30%, boiling sugar temperature 11

Corn raw grain processing glucose syrup process method

1. To remove corn broken skin and germ, soaking with sulfur dioxide solution in 47 ~ 50 ℃ 16 hours, make soft brittle corn fibre, protein and starch separation.

2. Grind the pulp after soaking, adjust the pH value to 6.2 ~ 6.4 with calcium hydroxide, add amylase, and use the three-stage liquefaction method.The liquid slurry is filtered, the filtrate is adjusted to pH value of 1.8 ~ 2 with hydrochloric acid, hydrolyzed and saccharified under pressure of 2.8kg/cm 2, decolorized with activated carbon twice, and treated with four levels of anion and cation exchange resin, and then concentrated into glucose syrup.

3 liquefied slag also contains part of the unused starch, dextrin and oligosaccharide, starch juice is about 20%.The liquid residue was added with water to 25 pom c, malt was added, and caramel was prepared with common caramel technology.

In recent years, some manufacturers have experimented with making glucose syrup directly from corn, rice or cassava chips.It works well.Using corn raw grain to produce starch syrup can improve the utilization rate of corn starch, reduce production costs, increase economic benefits, more importantly, there is no pollution, real zero emissions, improve the utilization rate of corn raw materials.

Kaifeng sida corn glucose syrup production line is an original syrup production line, kaifeng sida specializes in the production of sweet potato starch production equipment, starch drying equipment and other agricultural equipment

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