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Beijing high fructose corn syrup production plant project

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Factory layout:

-The workshop layout in this high fructose corn syrup production plant is compact and layout. SIDA Company design adopted the floor space design, the first floor is the main power workshop, in this area, installed all kinds of power equipment, include the connection pipeline, CIP system, decolorization and evaporation system. The second floor installed the saccharification system and the filter press machine, this floor overall layout is more spacious, convenient for senter control for the high fructose corn syrup factory operation. The layout also guarantee the technology process order, make sure the factory working continuously.

-The corn powder processed order: mixing tank-liquefaction system-laminar tank-enzyme destroyed tank-liquid-vapor separator-vacuum cooler-saccharification tank-filter machine-evaporation system. This high fructose corn syrup production plant layout is designed according to this operation process, guarantee the syrup production process in order, the operation control is very clear and saves the pipeline.

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