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Rice Glucose Syrup Production Line Processing

 Rice Glucose Syrup Production Line

1 The processing of raw materials

The broken rice in the immersion tank, adding sodium hydroxide, PH 10 to 11, 45 ºC for 3 hours, and then sent to the mill ground into a slurry, and the slurry to (20.5Be), PH 5.6 to 6.5 hydrochloric acid, and adding alpha amylase, ready to liquify.
2. Liquefaction:
Put the starch milk prepared to the 1st injector and inject steam directly to the starch milk. Make the temperature rise to 110ºC quickly. After entering the 1st flash evaporator, lower the temperature to 98ºC and keep it for a certain time. The material, after initial hydrolysis, is with a lower viscidity. The material is then put into the 2nd injector by the pump, its temperature reaching 135ºC quickly, then it gets to the 2nd flash evaporator. The temperature in the 2nd flash evaporator declines to 95ºC. The DE volume of the material would be between 15 and 20 after its staying in the tubular reactor for 90-120 minutes.

  1.  Saccharification:

Put hydrochloric acid into the material after liquefaction and make the PH volume to 4.0 to 4.5, while lowering the temperature from 90ºC to 60ºC. Add fungal enzymes and glucoamylase into it and keep stirring at that temperature. DE value will be 40 to 60 after the saccharification period will take 16 to 24 hours.

4. Refining:
After refining, impurities, protein, fat, pigment, and edible salt are removed from the saccharification liquid. The material should now first be put into the Plate and frame filter. The best temperature for filtration is 70ºC to 85ºC. The insoluble protein and fat is separated and the clear and slightly colored saccharification liquid comes into being. The next section is charcoal absorption which further separates the insoluble protein and pigment. Keep adding in active carbon at the temperature between 75ºC and 85ºC in order to make the material have enough contact with active carbon. Then put the material into filter to separate carbon from it. Another round of check and filtration is needed to make sure there is no more carbon.

5. Ion exchange:
After filtration, amino acid and Inorganic salts are separated from the saccharification liquid. The temperature of the material should be lowered to 48 to 50ºC to take ion exchange, firstly cation exchange column resin, and secondly anion-exchange column resin. During cation exchange column, Na, Fe, Ca, Cu and a part of amino acid are separated, and during anion-exchange column, chloride, sulfate, phosphate, and most of the soluble amino acid can be taken off, which makes the refined saccharification liquid come into being.

6. Concentration: 
After purification DS of liquid sugar is about 30%, the liquid sugar is into the falling film evaporator to concentrate after adjusting the PH value, the concentration of concentrated sugar is 75%.
7. Protein powder drying: the cake from the filter to the flow of air through the dryer, drying, to obtain the rice protein powder.


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