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Glucose Syrup Production Line Processing Machine|high Maltose Powder Processing Machine

.rice powder transfer glucose syrup directly 

2.non-pollution all process. 3.low energy & water. year warranty. The the features.

 1. All stainless steel 304 cover meets to gmp standard. 

2. All processing is non-pollution.

 3. The machine can transfer rice/corn powder to glucose syrup directly. It can save a lot of cost .

 4. Our equipment controller is easy to manipulate.

5. Low energy & water consumption & customized.

 6. After-sales service provided engineers available to service machinery overseas for one year. What is the application of this machine? how does it work?. The process flow block diagram for grain glucose production line. Finish product sample:. We have the following types for your choice:. Model. Size. Gs-5t. 24x12x6m. Gs-10t. 48x25x8m. Gs-20t. 48x25x8m. Gs-30t. 60x30x8x12m. Gs-50t. 60x33x8x15m. Gs-70t. 84x36x8x15m. Gs-100t. 84x36x8x15m. Note:. We will offer you price according to your detail request, so please offer us your product鈥檚 size, the weight and other requirements you prefer, and the special offer will be given. We can offer different kinds of making machine. If necessary, we can also give some advice for your reference. This is our workshop:. We have customers from all over the world!. Welcome to visit us !. Not exactly what you are looking for? tell us what you want!. Add:no.18 weiliu road of huanglong park,economic development district of kaifeng. 

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Glucose syrup also known as confectioner's glucose, is a syrup made from the hydrolysis of starch. Glucose also is called starch sugar. Maize...

Annual capacity 50,000tons gluc
Annual capacity 50,000tons gluc

Annual capacity 50,000tons glucose syrup production plant, this capacity project our company totally installed three. Recently, we complete the third that is the newest glucose syrup production plant project

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Daily production of 100 tons ma
Daily production of 100 tons ma

This corn syrup production plant project all equipments design, manufacturer and delivery made by SIDA Company, with corn processing annual capacity 10 million tons, the corn syrup production capacity 8 million tons. Manufactured for our Nig

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