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High malt syrup production equipment

Equipment for producing high malt syrup

Introduction of maltose production line

Maltose, also known as caramel, is a kind of middle-converted starch syrup with high sugar content, which has the characteristics of clear and transparent, soft and pure sweet taste, strong moisture retention, good thermal stability, anti-crystallization, anti-moisture and anti-boiling, and is a new material for making advanced nutrition and health food.Maltitol is a kind of edible sugar alcohols, it using starch as raw materials, after enzymatic saccharification and hydrogenation and made of a mixture of polyols, its low sweetness, low calorific value, with excellent moisturizing effect and thermal stability, after eating will not cause blood glucose levels rise, is good sweeteners, patients with diabetes mellitus and obesity is a kind of new food additives have health care function.It is widely used in therapeutic foods such as ice cream, popsicles, cakes, fruit drinks, biscuits, pickles, candies and so on.According to the statistics of relevant departments, China's food industry consumes 8 million tons of edible sugar every year. Due to the special function of maltitol, some food industries turn to maltitol as food additive one after another. In 1997, China's total demand for maltitol reached 40,000 tons, while the output of maltitol was less than 20,000 tons.By 2000, annual demand could reach 60,000 tons.The plant plans to combine its existing advantages with the world's advanced technology to build a maltitol project with an annual output of 10,000 tons.

Maltose caramel starch processing equipment

Its main production equipment: bubble rice tank, pulp grinder, liquid jet (high, low pressure), liquefaction reaction tank, saccharification tank, decolorization tank, liquid vapor separator, evaporator (single effect, two effect, three effect) and so on.

Three core equipment

This equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, compact structure, convenient disassembly and cleaning, etc. It is suitable for the enrichment of various materials, such as milk powder and condensed milk production.Concentration in the production of fruit juice, beverage and medicine.

This equipment is a lifting mode evaporator, where materials pass through the plates and are heated by steam to evaporate.The vapor-liquid mixture is discharged from the outlet and then enters the separator, where the vapor-liquid mixture is separated to obtain the concentrated material and secondary steam.In the multi-stage evaporation, the concentrated material and secondary steam will enter the next stage evaporator, continue to evaporate.

The core element of this equipment is heat transfer plate, 4 plates of different structures are a group, according to the process requirements, a plate evaporator, can be composed of array to dozens of groups, installed in the frame composed of fixed compression plate, movable compression plate, front pillar, upper and lower guide rod, compression stud.

This equipment has compact structure, high efficiency (the total transmission coefficient is 2-4 times of tube evaporator), convenient disassembly and cleaning, less liquid holding, short time of materials under high temperature, this equipment can be used for concentration of juice, milk and other materials

Specification of this equipment veneer: BZ0.4, BZ0.65, BZ0.85


Technical characteristics

High heat transfer efficiency, closed production, rapid, low temperature evaporation.

Multi-effect evaporation, significant energy saving.Double effect evaporation consumes 0.51 kg of steam per kg of water, three effect

Evaporation USES only 0.32 kg of steam per kg of water, while four-effect evaporation USES only steam per kg of water

0.25 kg, five effect evaporation per kg of water use only 0.17 kg of steam

Secondary steam mechanical compression (MVR) and thermal compression (TVR) are available.

Adopt plate structure, easy to install, maintain and clean.

Stable operation, realize artificial intelligence control and computer control.

Small area, low height, easy operation and maintenance.

Have national invention patents, practical patents a number of technologies, can provide the whole production line

Turnkey project.

Application field

Mainly used in food, fruit juice, vegetable juice, dairy, pharmaceutical, sugar, biological products,

Environmental protection, sewage treatment, chemical industry medium concentration.

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Scope of application:

Forced circulation single-effect, double-effect, three-effect and multi-effect evaporator, suitable for low-temperature concentration in milk, glucose, starch, xylose, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological engineering, environmental protection engineering, waste liquid recovery and other industries.

Forced circulation evaporator relies on an external force circulation pump to circulate the liquid.Its heating chamber has horizontal and vertical structure, the speed of liquid cycle is adjusted by the pump, this kind of evaporator is suitable for easy crystallization, easy scaling solution concentration, the main disadvantage is large energy consumption.

Forced circulation evaporator can be divided into single effect, double effect, three effect, four effect and multi-effect forced circulation evaporator.

The double-effect forced circulation evaporator vacuum concentrator is a high-efficiency energy-saving concentrator developed by our company, which operates under vacuum low temperature conditions, and has the characteristics of fast flow rate of material and liquid, fast evaporation, and not easy to scale.It is widely used in the production of chemical crystallization, tomato sauce, jam, pulp juice and concentrated ethyl sugar.

The evaporator can be divided into positive circulation forced evaporator and reverse circulation forced evaporator according to the different positions of the inlet and outlet of circulating feed liquid in the separation chamber. The position of the inlet of circulating feed liquid at the upper part of the outlet is called positive circulation, and vice versa.Reverse circulation forced evaporator has more advantages.It relies on an external force, the circulating pump, to circulate the liquid.Its heating chamber has horizontal and vertical structure, the liquid cycle speed is adjusted by the pump, this kind of evaporator is suitable for easy crystallization, easy scaling solution concentration, its disadvantage is large energy consumption.

The forced circulation evaporator is composed of heat exchange chamber and crystal evaporator.Through a circulating pump, the liquid circulates through the tube and is heated to excess heat at pressure higher than the normal boiling point of the liquid.After entering the separator, the liquid pressure drops rapidly, causing some liquid to flash, or boil rapidly.The secondary steam produced by evaporation is heated by the next evaporator or condensed by the condenser.The concentrate is cyclically pumped to a salt separator where the solid brine is effectively separated.

The forced circulation evaporator is an efficient and energy-saving concentrated crystallization equipment developed by our company. The equipment operates under vacuum and low temperature conditions, and has the characteristics of fast flow rate of material and liquid, fast evaporation, and not easy to scale.Forced circulation evaporator can be divided into single effect, double effect and multi effect evaporator.


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