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corn glucose syrup making machine


Glucose syrup is widely used in food and other industrial field.

Starch is the important raw material used for producing glucose as we all know.

there are some disadvantages when you use starch to produce glucose

1.The technology is everyone known and the profit is low


2.The cost of the starch is unsteady which affects the glucose so much.


3.No by-products with low economic benefit


4.Price is high for exportation

we can save the cost 50% at least and make fascinating economical earnings.


As a 20 year's manufacturer of machinery for starch and glucose industry,we know the disadvantage of starch produced glucose syrup for a long time.In this case,we spent 5 years exploring a new kind of glucose syrup produing line.Starch is no longer the raw material any more in this line.We use wheat,rice,maize,corn,potato,cassava directly.

Advantages of our plant:

1.the cost of raw material is quite lower than the starch.


2.Many by-products produced with super economical benefits.

For example,corn or maize can be directly processed into glucose syrup with our machine and at the same time,we also get corn germ(for oil) and corn protein(animalfeed).think about this?!


3. environment friendly.

 No polluted water or gas ,totally green.


4.Good quality and service.


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Why do you choose us?


1.We are professional manufacuturer


a.A lot of trading companies sell our products that is to say the price you bought from them is much higher than ours and  still our products


b.We factory own our engineering team and provide technique support before and after sell comparing with the trading company.


c.We are professional and experienced in this field


2.Our technology advantage:


a.Our company invest millions of dollars to producing this set of equipment


b.we have our core tech :potatoes,rice,cassava,corn can be directly processing into glucose syrup!


c.cost can be saved 50% at least.




3.we are looking for our oversea partner:


a.this technology will change the syrup making industry in the near future


b.we need our oversea agent will make sums of money!


 we are Kaifeng SiDa Agricultural Equipment.


! please remember us, we will change the glucose making industry in the near future and we hope we can do this thing with you together !

  Feel free to contact me to get more information about us,we are finding our regional agency now 









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