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Production process of high fructose corn syrup

      The invention provides a production process of high fructose corn syrup, which comprises the following steps that: adding amylase into starch to obtain hydrolysised starch, and then liquefying at high temperature filtering and deslagging a liquefied product and adding glucolase to be glycated carrying out the first time of decoloring, filtration, ion exchange and impurity removal to the glycated product adding isomerase into discharge liquid so that part of the glucose is converted into fructose through isomerism and evaporating and concentrating feed liquid after the second time of ion exchange, impurity removal, decoloring and filtration to obtain the high fructose corn syrup. Simultaneously, the production process neutralizes the initially discharged material with higher pH value by decoloring and filtration, thereby reducing the used amount of auxiliary materials, and controlling the production of color substances during production. In addition, after the process is changed, an ion-exchange column does not need to be regenerated in advance. The high fructose corn syrup product obtained from the production process has stable quality, saves cost and has very strong practicality.

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