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Introduction to the performance of starch scrubber cyclone

Introduction to the performance of starch scrubber cyclone

The starch scrubber cyclone, also known as the hydrocyclone, has been widely used in China since the mid-1980s.

Its working principle is: the material liquid with suspended solids in the pressure cone into the tangent direction, form the high-speed rotation, due to the effect of centrifugal force, than big starch granules with vortex dropped to the bottom outlet, and the proportion of light gluten and damage of micro powder with the center on the spiral flow from the top discharge, has reached the proportion of different material separation effect.

The separation factor is f= arg ar-centrifugal acceleration (m/s2)

The g (9.81 m/s2)

The swirl tube used in the swirl tube produced by our company is an XF series swirl tube with comprehensive design drawing on the advantages of the American, polish, Swedish and other countries. The advantages of the swirl tube are as follows:

1. The external dimensions of the swirl tube with diameters of 10mm and 15mm are the same, and the overflow port diameter has three sizes, which can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the different materials and the purposes of washing and concentration.

2. Double tube plate adopts single compression, using national standard ะค 8.6 o aprons, compaction allowance is big, has good elasticity, easy to buy.The front door is pressed separately, the structure is reliable, three rooms is not easy to collude, the work is reliable, the operation saves time, the maintenance is simple.

3. Use diaphragm type pressure gauge, slurry does not enter the gauge, accurate and durable.

4. The swirl pump is made in Shanghai, which is designed to widen the impeller runner so that the thick slurry will not clog up, work smoothly, with moderate pressure and low power. It is a special pump specially designed for starch slurry transportation together with the pump factory.

The main features of this cyclone are reliable operation, simple operation and energy saving. All kinds of cyclone tubes can be replaced at will according to the requirements of the working procedure, and the deviation requirement of assembly is slightly greater than that of other manufacturers' products without affecting the reliability of the work.

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January 17, 2009

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