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how to make corn syrup

how to make corn syrup-how to make corn syrup from corn flour

high fructose corn syrup production plant process, the first enzyme added is alpha-amylase which breaks the long chains down into shorter sugar chains – oligosaccharides. Glucoamylase is mixed in and converts them to glucose; the resulting solution is filtered to remove protein, then using activated carbon, and then demineralized using Ion-exchange resins. The purified solution is then run over immobilized xylose isomerase, which turns the sugars to ~50–52% glucose with some unconverted oligosaccharides, and 42% fructose (HFCS 42), and again demineralized and again purified using activated carbon. Some is processed into HFCS 90 by liquid chromatography, then mixed with HFCS 42 to form HFCS 55.

On the following use the starch for example to introduce our high fructose corn syrup production plant. High fructose corn syrup production process mainly include three section, that is starch liquefaction, saccharification and isomerism process. The detail manufacturing process flowchart as below(you can click high fructose corn syrup production equipment to learn the complete production process):

(1) Liquefaction:

Starch slurry mixed with 30-35% dry solids and adjust its PH value to 6.0-6.4. Before put into α-enzyme, first add calcium, because calcium ions can stabilize the enzyme. Then mixed heat-stable α-enzyme (Novo’s Termamyl 120L) into the starch slurry, the slurry is instantaneously heated to 100 ℃ and held at this temperature for 10 min before it is cooled to 90 ℃. This temperature is maintained for 1-3h service for further hydrolyze the starch.

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This process directly decided the yield in the high fructose corn syrup production plant, also can understand this as the starch using rate.

Liquefaction process technical parameters:

-Starch slurry concentration: 32%-36%

-α-enzyme: 8-10g per ton dry starch

-PH value: before: 6.0-6.4    after: 4.2-4.5

-Temperature: different value in different section

-Liquefaction solution DE value: 15%-20%

After this liquefying process completed in the high fructose corn syrup production plant, the starch has been transfered into dextrins with a dextrose equivalent (DE) between 15 and 20. (The physical properties of the syrup changed with the DE and the method of manufacture difference.) DE is the total reducing sugar in the syrup expressed as dextrose on a dry weight basis.

(2) Saccharification process introduction:

After liquefaction, the ph value is reduced to between 4.2 and 4.5, after the solution is cooled to 60 ℃. Added the glucomylase (Novo’s AMG 300L) immediately. The reaction time for saccharification is usually between 24-48 hour depending on enzyme reaction speed. Glucoamylase releases single glucose units from the ends of dextrin molecule. Syrups of 95% glucose or higher are manufactured. This is the saccharification process for the F42 high fructose corn syrup production plant process. This section high influenced on the flavour of the high fructose corn syrup production.

Saccharification process technical paramters:

-Glucomylase: 1.45-0.58L per ton dry starch

-PH value: 5.5

-Saccharification solution DE value: 95%-98%

-Time cost: 50h per tank

It's worth to tell you the liquefaction and saccharification step is the most important two parts of the high fructose corn syrup manufacturing. These steps performance influenced the glucose products quality directly. So the advanced technology and equipments is very important. All in all, when you find the high fructose corn syrup production plant, except the technology process, you also need to concenrn the equipments quality.

(3) Isomerism:

The purified glucose solution is isomerized by a reactor containing immobilized isomerase to obtain fructose syrup with 42% fructose content. It's honor to tell you that the isomerase we are using is a kind of immobilized enzyme. Converted from soluble state into immobilized state, the stability of isomerism will be increased significantly and it can be uses repeatedly in the high fructose corn syrup produced. This immobilized enzyme used in food processing make food free of enzyme after production, so there is no need to adopt the way of heat treatment to make enzyme inactivated, which can help improving the quality of food as well as economic benefits. This is our advantages of high fructose corn syrup production plant.

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